Fun with my “Hacked” Nook

Practicing with my “Android” reader, I have downloaded the Olive Tree Reader, along with the Cadre Bible. Both allow me to have downloaded Bibles so I don’t need to be connected to wifi.

While I am still getting used to electronic Bible reading, it is more useful for taking notes within the text. The Olive Tree Reader is easier to make quick notes within the text, but both programs allow me to sync all my textnotes to Evernote. Evernote creates a file for the Olive Tree Reader or the Cadre Bible and then I can file them where I want after they have synced. It gives me a permanent place to place my notes outside the readers.

It’s a slow process for me. I still like the printed page. Yet, I am getting a bit more used to taking quick notes this way. (What I would like is to find a bluetooth keyboard that can make it that much easier to take notes on my Nook.)

Epically Cutting Edge

In an age where we have devalued words, I wish to continue that tradition. 😉

My family blessed me with a Nook Color for Father’s Day and I absolutely love it! I can have Evernote as an app on it. With an upgrade, I could then access my Evernote files whether I am in a WiFi spot or not. I downloaded the Common English Bible with Apocrypha (since it is not out in print as yet) so I can check it out on my reader. I am even using the music app as well.

I am SOOOO “cutting edge.” If I just did this on an Ipad, I’d be downright Emergent!

Fun Things to Share

I am more and more a fan of Google Docs. Our church uses Google as the base for our email system and website. Our board collaborates with Google Docs all the time. Now, WordPress is helping with sharing those docs on our blogs.

It’s fun using these types of apps. I am also becoming a fan of Evernote, which is a free version of Microsoft’s OneNote.

These types of things are fun to learn about, then use as I try to be more productive in my writing and ministry.