Overwhelming Generosity

This weekend I was at our district’s Equip Conference. In one main session the speaker, Scotty Gibbons, invited a volunteer youth leader to the front. Scotty had been talking about encouragement and using Barnabas and Mark as the example.

At the end of the message Scotty randomly picked a youth volunteer to come up front and Scotty began to speak words of blessing into the young man’s life. Scotty then said he wanted to bless the volunteer for working so hard, having another outside job, and sacrificing so much. He gave the volunteer $100. Scotty then invited anyone else in the audience who wanted to bless the volunteer with any amount of cash to come up and do it. It was such an amazing response.

This video clip shows just a moment of that event. The line was long as people kept coming to hand the young man cash. it was overwhelming. It was overflowing generosity. It was a moment we just will not forget.

Every one of us have the opportunity to be a Barnabas in someone’s life. It doesn’t have to be cash. It can be a word of encouragement. We are ALL capable of speaking words of blessing. 

Do it today!