To sit and wonder

The past few days have been what I call “History Geek Week” for me. We have gone on a fantastic historical tour of Pennsylvania with my in-laws. One I’ve always wanted to do and this was a great opportunity.

The first two days in Pennsylvania were spent in Gettysburg, then Lancaster area. Gettysburg is a place to be studied. It is to be pondered. It is a place to sit and wonder.

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What did Eisenhower call it?

I believe Eisenhower, himself a career soldier, warned of the “vast military industrial complex” when he was leaving office as President.

Yesterday in a passing conversation with a veteran, he noted his daughter, who served in the Air Force, was not “qualified” to be in the VFW because she served in a small 5 year window when the U.S. happened to NOT be in a declared war somewhere in the world.

That statement has been rattling around in my mind ever since. Since the 1980s we’ve only had five years when we were not in some state of declared war? Is that right?

Eisenhower was far more of a prophet than even I give him credit for, if that is the case.