Reading in Community

Our church is gearing up to read the New Testament together. We are beginning with Luke. The challenge for us will be to read in community. It’s not just reading alone and then hearing a sermon. We want to set up opportunities to learn from each other. We can structure our Sunday morning service to reflect more on this model.

We can also use this blog.

We can also set up alternative times to engage the text. We read, we have questions, we come with questions and observations.

One idea we are kicking around is setting up a time before worship service on Sunday morning. I would be available to guide people through questions or refer them to good study sources to keep working. The one caveat would be each one coming to the session must be up to date in their reading. It’s not a time to soak in. It’s a time to stretch.

For those who are part of our church, let me know your thoughts.

It’s time to DIVE IN!