So you don’t like Barth… How about Bloesch?

Seems to be a new backlash about NOT reading Barth. Brian LePort gives a good post linking the recent rantings. A few years ago Barth was back in, mainly, I think, because Christian Books was selling Dogmatics for $99. I snatched that up myself. I think I’ve made it all the way to the… thirdContinue reading “So you don’t like Barth… How about Bloesch?”

Is the Church Useful?

Has the Church outlasted its usefulness? Is it now up to individual faith, or some “community” interpretation? Bloesch tackles it head on. His observation is that postmodern theology questions the infallibility of the gospel itself. Creeds aren’t useful to identify faith definitively. Since there is no “infallible” interpretation, it doesn’t do much good to payContinue reading “Is the Church Useful?”

Donald Bloesch — Power of the Word and Spirit

I just received Bloesch’s book on The Church in an order I made online. Thinking of his recent passing, I wanted to take up the task of reading through his seven volume series on Christian Foundations. From the very beginning, his writing resonates with me. As I go along, I will share quick points onContinue reading “Donald Bloesch — Power of the Word and Spirit”