I have battled depression

In light of Robin Williams’ death, there has been more than a little chatter about mental health. One blog was so offensive, I’m just not even going to link to it. It was incredibly condemning and self-serving and had no understanding of depression.

Suicide is not a legitimate escape… but it IS a battle. It is not something people should think of as a “viable option” or try to “celebrate” in some way. But… it’s not something one can turn off in their thoughts, either.

What is always needed in times like this is what we always don’t get: a conversation.

Doubting I will get one here, either, I will nonetheless do something I just haven’t done in the past: TRY to open this up for respectful conversation and admit that I have battle depression. Not severe depression. A few years ago my life and ministry was spinning out of control and I didn’t understand what was going on. A church leader very wisely had me see a mental health professional and the diagnosis was a very mild form of depression. There as some treatment and some sessions to help me get equipped with the situation in my life, and my church jumped at the opportunity to help me out. It was an incredibly healing time for me.

A few years later we had a huge tragedy hit our church followed very quickly by a close call with one of our sons. I could feel myself spinning off and I quickly found counseling to help me walk through one of the deepest valleys of my life.

I don’t know chronic, consistent depression. I know of it and know people who are in that battle.

I guess I post this to say I am done bashing on Robin Williams and I am also wanting more conversation on mental health because the other end of the spectrum from those taking their own lives are the ones who take the lives of others. The mass murderers. We want to quickly forget their names and move on. But if we don’t have honest conversations about mental health, the Robin Williams and the Adam Lanzas of the world will continue to flail and ultimately fail… and it will cost more lives.

I have no idea where to go with this, other than to say… I’ve battle depression and I can’t condemn Robin Williams for his action. I weep. I pray. And I ask for strength to help those around me.

The Conversation of Depression

While we’re not having another needed conversation (this one about depression), let me just go ahead and bring it up again.


A fellow blogger, Jeff, is a strong believer and battles depression.

He puts some of his thoughts HERE.

Let’s not talk about other things while we’re at it. 😉

We truly need to see the rule and reign of Christ come into our lives as believers so we can know more thoroughly how to at least have honest conversations.