The toleration we have for “the devil we know”

Mark 5:1-20 tells the story of the demoniac in the Gerasene region. What strikes me each time I read this story is the toleration the villagers had for the bondage this man was under and when he was actually made whole, they wanted Jesus out of the region. They had “the devil they knew” andContinue reading “The toleration we have for “the devil we know””

Do I irritate the enemy?

We are good at irritating each other. Liberals irritating conservatives, both Christian and political… and the return fire is done with equal zest. But how about the REAL enemy? He doesn’t mind if we think he doesn’t exist and we want to go with the mantra, “Evil is the absence of someone doing good.” AsContinue reading “Do I irritate the enemy?”

Don’t Settle for Status Quo Bondage

One of the notes I made on the passage in Mark 5 where Jesus heals the demoniac: “Don’t settle for letting people stay in bondage.” Sometimes it is hard work seeing people set free. It might be pray. It might be fasting. It might be counseling. It might be a huge combination of many things. Don’t giveContinue reading “Don’t Settle for Status Quo Bondage”

My Name is Legion, Pt. 2

Mark 5:1-20 is the story of Jesus delivering the demoniac. The first challenge out of this story I posted here. The second challenge I have is the response of the people. 14 Those who tended the pigs ran away and told the story in the city and in the countryside. People came to see what hadContinue reading “My Name is Legion, Pt. 2”

Demons and Authority

In Mark 1 there is the story of Jesus casting out the demon in the synagogue. While we focus on the power encounter, Mark focuses on the authority. Twice in the same story he mentions the authority of Jesus to teach. 22 The people were amazed by his teaching, for he was teaching them withContinue reading “Demons and Authority”