And the Action, Dr. Kirk?

Daniel Kirk likes to use the bully pulpit of his professorship to tell us pastors how to put things into action. It’s the benefits of academia. And he takes full advantage of it.

So his latest rant is a good one, yet leaves me asking: Okay, Mr. Kirk, as a seminary professor, what does that mean for you, other than getting to use your lectern to say things that are necessary

Don’t get me wrong. I agree with Dr. Kirk. This is an issue that needs action. But reading these rants as a pastor, and actually doing something about it, I get tired of the bully pulpit.

The post is appropriately titled: A time to speak. That may be all a seminary professor can do in the case of gender equality in ministry.

But at some point could we quit the rants and actually get down to business? I know it’s something I actually work on. I don’t have much to write about these matters, as I am developing a staff that actually has women on it. No seminary pulpit for me. 😉

The Power of the Cross

I would agree with much of what Roger Olson says about evangelical churches and a serious lack of preaching on the cross. We have stripped the symbols of the cross out of our sanctuaries (or coffee shops or worship centers or whatever we’re calling them these days).

The ironic piece is that I am actually preaching a series on 1 Corinthians from the lectionary readings and the focal point is the cross of Christ. I have been especially helped by Daniel Kirk’s commentary on the text at

And it’s even more ironic because as I have been preaching on the cross, we have experienced more of a move of the Spirit in our services. So, to those who may still claim Pentecostals don’t focus on the cross… I just want to say…. well, I’ll refrain. 😉