The Boldness to Believe

My morning reading has taken me into the Deuterocanonical books (what we would call the Apocrypha). These are fascinating stories! It’s been a while since I’ve journeyed through these books, so I am doing so this summer with some extra time. I am also using the Common English Bible in the process. The language is very fresh and readable.

In the Book of Judith, Israel being attacked. Holofernes has led an Assyrian army against the land and laid siege to the cities. The will of the people has wilted. Water is running out, food is gone.

A godly woman named Judith steps into the gap. There is one verse that really popped out, especially in the CEB:

“Listen to me. I’m going to do something that will be remembered for generations to come.” (Judith 8:32, CEB)

What boldness! (And at the time she didn’t know WHAT that bold thing would be! She just knew something had to happen!)

There is a boldness in her spirit that leaps off the page. It’s a boldness that the Spirit brings to his people. Even if we don’t know WHAT the action will be, something can rise up in us and say, “HEY! Let’s do something for God here!”

As the people of God, we need that brashness again. “Look! I’m going to do something here that you’ll be talking about for a long time!”

“Yeah? Like what?”


Can we stand in faith, hearing the voice of the Spirit in desperate times, and make such a claim in a time like this?