Learning to Pray

Bill Mounce has some great thoughts on learning to pray.

“Please notice how the discussion starts: “Pray then like this.” The Lord’s Prayer was never intended to be mindlessly repeated as if it were some magical incantation. It is not to be recited in church while we were thinking of who is playing football this afternoon. In the verses immediately preceding our passage, Jesus specifically addresses this issue (Matthew 6:5-8). But we are to pray “like” this. In other words, while at times we may want to pray the actual words of the Lord’s Prayer, for the most part it gives us the basic structure and content of our prayers. We take the Lord’s Prayer and weave in the specifics of our own lives.”


Monday Thoughts

Some great thought-provoking posts and articles are surfacing this Monday.

Bill Mounce over at Koinonia has some thoughts on the Ted Haggard situation. His big question is: “Why was Haggard removed from his church? Why were they not allowed to at least attend?” He readily admits he doesn’t know the entire situation, but he asks the question anyway. I find it a question posed in ignorance. He should have done his homework first. That situation poses several issues, but what did NOT happen was the removal of Haggard from the Body of Christ. He was simply removed from that church and offered other places of healing.

A new book by Barbara Ehrenreich is one of those liberal books that begs the question: “Do you think this is something new?” She pokes fun at the positive confession movement in the Church. We’ve been doing that for years. Yet, she gets to write a book and make money! (Okay, I admit I’m jealous on that count.)

A more lengthy article on Christianity Today’s site focuses on the sports worship of our culture and how the church is not handling it so well. That’s one of those article where I go, “Oh, me!” I love sports. I can’t wait for spring training in baseball. The Super Bowl is only a page turned so I can get to baseball season (with March Madness to placate me in between). Yet, this article painfully hits some things for me I need to face.