The Jewish (and Christian) Question

Today is pull the pin and roll the grenade into the room day. Let’s start with an article detailing the genius marketing ploy of evangelical Christians to say America is a Christian nation. Have fun. Then the chilling one. Over the weekend I watched an older movie on Amazon Prime called “The Conspiracy.” It wasContinue reading “The Jewish (and Christian) Question”

The Obsession With Our Children’s Happiness

This article by Lori Gottlieb is a fascinating read, especially as a parent with kids coming into this time of life. The big question the author dealt with as a therapist was this: “Is it possible we’ve done too much as parents?” Have we so doted on them and lifted them up and given them soContinue reading “The Obsession With Our Children’s Happiness”

Study War No More

I love reading biographies of American Presidents. Eisenhower is a personal favorite since he is from Kansas. This article in The Atlantic Monthly reminds us of this general’s view of war and the industry that grows with it. Even in his day the numbers are astounding as to how much money was spent on “defense.”Continue reading “Study War No More”