A great moment in reconciliation

In the news, South Carolina voted to remove the Confederate battle flag from the capital grounds. It’s a good move. Those symbols need to be in different places, which is why I’m not for just getting rid of them completely. Let me explain, because the title of the post isn’t referring to South Carolina. ItContinue reading “A great moment in reconciliation”

Why I join in the effort to pray this Sunday for #BlackLivesMatter

This Sunday has been a day set aside for prayer. The request has come from two significant places that affect my own ministry: the Church of God in Christ and then the General Council of the Assemblies of God. Together they are asking for churches to pray this Sunday for racial reconciliation and justice. WeContinue reading “Why I join in the effort to pray this Sunday for #BlackLivesMatter”


Statement of Assemblies of God General Superintendent George O. Wood Encouraging Participation with Church of God in Christ in Observing Black Lives Matter Sunday Bishop Charles E. Blake Sr. of the Church of God in Christ has asked COGIC churches to observe Black Lives Matter Sunday this coming Sunday, December 14, 2014. As Bishop Blake’sContinue reading “#BlackLivesMatter”

What to do with all the time…

Brian has chronicled some very interesting commentaries of late regarding the flight from evangelicalism. It is interesting reading. He DOES mention the Assemblies of God, and tries to remain kind. But, he wonders what we do with all our time once the emotionalism is gone. First of all, that is a valid question in manyContinue reading “What to do with all the time…”

Being a Confessional Pentecostal… or is it a Confessing Pentecostal?

It shows how much I don’t know… and I readily admit it. But there is something that is becoming evident to me: I want to be more confessional in my Pentecostal roots and beliefs. I want to be more “credal.” Is that a word? I just got a spell-check squiggly… (This isn’t going to beContinue reading “Being a Confessional Pentecostal… or is it a Confessing Pentecostal?”

Thoughts on Creation

In the past few days I’ve appreciated some posts on creation because I teach Old Testament at my college and these resources will help me communicate better. For one, I am an AOG pastor/teacher and seeing Brian’s post on the AOG’s new position paper on Creation was exciting. I have been very critical of myContinue reading “Thoughts on Creation”