The Great Invitation of the King

While I haven’t paid as much attention to the liturgical calendar for preaching, I have kept our congregation on track with our readings every Sunday. Along with that it is the realization that this is the last Sunday of the liturgical year and it is Christ the King Sunday.

Not being raised in the liturgical tradition, and still on the learning curve in that tradition, I am not going to be able to speak well enough of the meaning of this Sunday. But I do find it wonderfully orchestrated that on this Sunday I am also finishing up my series on the Sermon on the Mount and it ends with the great invitation of the King.

The call of the “message on the mountain” is to enter into the life of apprenticeship. Jesus is the Master Teacher and he is inviting others to apprentice themselves to him. It’s not a school. You don’t go to class then leave and ignore what was just said. You enter into a life of allegiance to the King.

On this Christ the King Sunday, the invitation of the Great King is extended once again. “Come, follow me.”

Let us hear that great call today and follow… truly follow… our King.

Being an Apprentice

Jason B. Hood in his book, Imitating God in Christ: Recapturing a Biblical Pattern, gives a description of being an apprentice that easily describes why I use the blog name “Apprentice2Jesus.”

“As apprentices, disciples follow an expert and absorb their master’s mindsets and practices until they become capable on their own. Jesus’ disciples do not graduate from apprenticeship to perfection this side of death, and Jesus never leaves the disciples without his presence. But Jesus works to make his apprentices like their master, not least so that they will be capable of making other apprentices.”