The myth of ministry “success”

“The point of being an apostle, in any case, is not that one should be showy and spectacular; not even that one should be successful. ‘Stewards of God’s mysteries’, say some translations in verse 1; that’s fine, but the word ‘steward’ has been so overused that we may need to find other ways of bringingContinue reading “The myth of ministry “success””

Paul, Calling, Servanthood, and Apostleship

Our journey through the New Testament takes us through Romans, Colossians, Ephesians, and Philemon. Just starting with Romans 1:1, I am struck by how Paul describes himself. A Slave Many translations say “servant” or “bondservant.” The word can also mean “slave.” He is shackled to his Savior in service. “Slave” isn’t a very safe wordContinue reading “Paul, Calling, Servanthood, and Apostleship”