No Guts, No Glory… and It’s in the Bible!

My familiarity with the 66 books of the Protestant Canon are what keep me a bit “leery” of the Common English Bible. (Leery isn’t a good word, but there is something that keeps me from diving full into the CEB.) The familiar phrases and cadences of the Bible are with me. I have grown upContinue reading “No Guts, No Glory… and It’s in the Bible!”

Are We a Burden?

Announcing my weak attempt to preach from the Apocrypha elicited some wonderful responses. One text sent was a prophetic/Messianic text from the Wisdom of Solomon. It understand it can be taken as Messianic, but the passage (Wisdom 2:12-20) begins with, “Let us lie in wait for the righteous man…” It is a passage speaking ofContinue reading “Are We a Burden?”