The Dragon and the Beast

4 They worshipped the dragon because it had given the beast its authority. They worshipped the beast and said, “Who is like the beast, and who can fight against it?” (Rev. 13:4) Every culture and every age has its “beast” and “dragon.” Every culture does not see the thing they worship as a “beast.” Spiritual strongholdsContinue reading “The Dragon and the Beast”

Remind me of my real home

A prayer I saw on the Renovare site today: Jesus, everlasting Teacher, use my out-of-placeness to remind me again of my alien status in this world. I belong to another kingdom and live out of another reality. May I always be ultimately concerned to learn the nuances of this eternal reality so that when itContinue reading “Remind me of my real home”


I love July 4, fireworks, patriotic songs, movies about the Revolution… all of it. That cop that sings “God Bless America” at Yankees games gets me every time I hear his wonderful tenor voice. But my allegiance isn’t here. It is in another land. Another place. Another kingdom. The country of my birth is aContinue reading “Allegiance”

Crazy Thought of the Day — On Worship

We need to get the notion out of our heads that “worship” is the singing part of a church service. Worship is declaration. It’s not just singing something. It’s not just connecting with some emotion. Worship is the declaration that JESUS IS LORD. By implication that means we are saying, “JESUS is Lord, and noContinue reading “Crazy Thought of the Day — On Worship”