Why the “generation of promise” may not be JUST 25 and under

I work part of the time in a college environment and we have a growing number of young adults in our church. I have three young adult sons. I can actually remember the “fire in my belly” coming out of college. (My memory isn’t completely gone.) So, it’s natural to hear about motivating the generationContinue reading “Why the “generation of promise” may not be JUST 25 and under”

Age Segregated Worship

For years I have preached against becoming some niche church. I don’t want to pastor a “40-something” church, or a “30-something” church… I want to pastor THE CHURCH. The Church reflects a family, not just people my exact age with my exact income level, education level, and life circumstance. Yet, that is what we areContinue reading “Age Segregated Worship”