The grace and courage to overcome

One of the first “contemporary Christian groups” I listened to when I was young was The Imperials. When I started listening their lead singer was Russ Taff. Not long after that, Taff went solo and had some great songs and albums.

I never knew what happened after that, but this documentary on his life fills in the rest of the story. It’s on Amazon Prime now, if you subscribe. It is a heart wrenching story of early abuse that then grows into his own personal addictions. In all of it is the grace of God, the strength of a family, and the beauty of the Body of Christ.

When we pray

When we come to the Lord with needs, we must come boldly. We must come with an expectation. Doubt doesn’t really belong. We may hesitate. We may wonder if anything can happen, but we can be reminded of the greatness of God. 

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Things that don’t go together

In the “what’s wrong with this picture” category:

A saying on a post said: “Worship isn’t about hyping up. It’s about bowing down.” Great saying. And it was posted over a picture of a scene from a very hyped up worship service… or at least the kind of picture that churches most of the time would want you to THINK was a hyped up worship service.

But a better one: GQ ran an article about how men shouldn’t be addicted to porn. I still can’t type that without breaking into laughter. It’s actually a good article making great points. Just don’t read ALL THE WAY DOWN the page because you’ll find links to “recommended” articles that pretty much violate all that was said before…

We’re off to a great start in parody this week apparently.