I’m more Israel than Moses

Israel had been in Egypt over 400 years and couldn’t wait a few days for Moses to come down the mountain with the commands of the Lord. They defaulted to what they knew: the gods of Egypt.

I’m more Israel than Egypt. I don’t wait. I default.

The command of the Lord is to wait. It’s not because he is mean. It’s because he has to get Egypt out of us as he applies the power of the Kingdom to our lives.

Lord, forgive my impatience! Teach me to wait!

Standing Between the Living and the Dead

Intercession. The picture I see of intercession is found in Numbers 16. A plague has rushed through Israel’s camp (again) because of their complaining (again). Moses (AGAIN) intercedes for the people. He falls to his face asking God to stop the plague. He then sends Aaron out with the censer from the altar. The incense was offered up as a prayer. Aaron stood between the living and the dead and the plague was stopped.

Are we ready to intercede? Are we ready to stand between the living and the dead and beg God to do his work? Are we willing to stand in the gap for those who need prayer? Our lives can be offered up in prayer for those who need to see God touch their lives. Take up the censer. Offer up the incense of prayer. Call to God on behalf of those needing his touch.