The Great “I LIKE” Campaign, Part 3

It’s difficult for me to write with humor. It’s probably the way I write and I just haven’t learned the art of writing humorously yet. So, I state this up front: Today is just FUN. I’m not going to talk theology or church ministry. I will give opposites in media today. The idea of myContinue reading “The Great “I LIKE” Campaign, Part 3″

The Great “I LIKE” Campaign, Part 2

For a fuller explanation of what this is about, go HERE. Basically, I am choosing to say something GOOD about a subject or people when it’s normally easy pickings for criticism. My aim is also to choose “opposites” on a given day. This is a personal project because I can be an “equal opportunity offender.”Continue reading “The Great “I LIKE” Campaign, Part 2″

Mourning the Loss of a Prophet

This word of David Wilkerson’s passing is just coming out. For better or worse, this man stood as a watchman on the wall of our nation and prophetically pastored a church in Manhattan that is doing an amazing work today. His words have angered me, challenged me, and brought me to my knees. The ChurchContinue reading “Mourning the Loss of a Prophet”

Things I Want People to Know About Me

I begin writing this during my sabbatical in August 2010. I will leave it in draft mode until I return to officially blogging in September, and it may never reach the light of day, but I wanted to think about some things I hope people remember about me. This has come on because I haveContinue reading “Things I Want People to Know About Me”