Now we have the two hottest hot button issues screaming at each other.

And the hypocrisy is not evident at all. The same ones screaming for more gun control right now are the sames ones that have no problem talking about Planned Parenthood “legally” selling human parts. And, vice versa. Both sides value human life and “rights” at different levels.

The problem persists. We won’t move past the yelling and screaming and inane comparisons of how many vehicular deaths per year vs. gun deaths per year, or the tiny little percentage of abortions at Planned Parenthood, to really look at the underlying issues.

The issue is this: underneath it all we are filled, as a culture, with hatred and death. Which is why we scream so loud about other things. We don’t want to face the silence and what that might mean. We might actually have to face the darkness of who we are when it is far easier to point out the darkness in someone else.

God help us.

3 thoughts on “Gun violence and abortion

  1. Reblogged this on Ad-Infinite-item and commented:
    If everybody recognized the dark monster that resides within we wouldn’t need laws. The Lord calls the monster sin and warns us of the need to master it and not let it rule over us. But that sounds too simplistic, or impossible, and therefore the ineffective leaders of this realm scoff and ridicule that which they don’t understand. In other words we need to bring the Living God back and admit it was woefully wrong to tell Him we can do it on our own.

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