Treasuring Jesus and leaving Mammon

I tried to make a goal of reading through one Synoptic gospel each week, then rotate back through. The goal, I suppose, was to keep my mind filled with the story of Jesus and reflect deeply on some things that stood out to me each time I read through.

So much for that. I’ve spent about 2 weeks on each synoptic, and I find myself yet again in Matthew… and, of course, camped in the Sermon on the Mount. It is so beautiful, powerful, deadly (in a good way), and mesmerizing to me.

And for the past couple of days it’s simply been Matthew 6:25-34.

Don’t worry. It’s the Kingdom you seek, not the stuff of life. Learn to treasure the Kingdom. Let God add in what he wills… and don’t get jealous if he adds in something to someone else! SEEK THE KINGDOM!

In a day of financial strain and ministry stress, these verses are digging deep into me. I am learning to find rest. Learning… still in process.

Learn to trust. Learn to rest. Learn to pursue the Kingdom… and not stuff.

I am learning to be thankful for the provision that comes my way… every day. Learning the beauty of trust every day is, at times, excruciating.

But the words of Matthew 7:7 remind me of the words of Dallas Willard: The nature of the Kingdom is to ASK.

I don’t always have the patience and trust. So, I ask.

Teach me, Lord!

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