Daniel 7 is a key chapter in understanding all that follows regarding Jesus’ ministry. It is probably here that Jesus draws his use of “Son of Man,” or “Human One” in the Common English Bible.

It is a vision of distractions and a vision that calls us to focus. The distractions are the violent actions of this world. They really are like car accidents. We just can’t help but slow down and watch.

We get overwhelmed.

What DO we do about human trafficking? What DO we do about unjust laws or unjust jury decisions that seem to favor race or economic status? What DO we do about the wars, the protests… and on and on.

There ARE things to do, but it when we regain our focus that we can begin to see the work of the Kingdom once again.

The key for Daniel is seeing the Ancient of Days take the throne and open the books. There is ONE who will take command and control. Yet, even Daniel could get distracted.

11 I kept watching. I watched from the moment the horn started bragging until the beast was killed and its body was destroyed, handed over to be burned with fire. 12 Then the authority of the remaining beasts was brought to an end, but they were given an extension among the living for a set time and season. (Daniel 7:11-12)

We let the bragging of this world get to us. It calls our attention away. But the realization is that all the beasts of this world have is words. Ultimately, everything rests with the Ancient of Days. He passes on that authority to the Son of Man. To HIM belongs the everlasting dominion (Daniel 7:14).

This world IS noisy. The beasts of this age rage and brag. Our attention needs to be focused on the ONE who reigns. There is ONE who rules. And HE will deal with the bragging of the beasts of this world.

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